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Established in 2013, SP GAZ has raised to an international group of companies with offices in Hungary, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. Specialized in wholesale supply of LPG, gasoil and gasoline directly from producers, the Group includes a trading arm of SP GAZ Trading KFT, transport & logistics companies owning and operating 50+ tank trucks, 25+ rail tank cars.

SP GAZ is holding and running distribution network of 19 gas stations in Moldova.

Gasoil and Gasoline

The company has its own park of tank trucks and wagons for LPG and oil products certified in compliance with latest European standards.

SP GAZ GROUP supplies fuel at competitive rates and highest quality from first class producers.

Quality control is being performed at every stage of transportation process.


SP GAZ GROUP provides wholesale of Liquefied Hydrocarbon Gas of SPBT, PBA, BT brands, import of Liquefied Gas (Propane-Butane), which meets demanding requirements of Euro standard - EN589.

Transportation is performed by LPG tankers by sea, semitrailers and railway cars in land.

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    Industrial and transport companies with own storage tank facilities

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    Grain elevators and silos

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